It’s been awhile since I’ve raised a puppy that I planned on keeping for myself. I’m as excited about my new puppy as my families are about theirs. Joon has more toys than she knows what to do with, a big mahogany leather collar that she’ll grow into one day, probably more photos of her on Facebook than I should post and I have big traveling plans for us.

Over Christmas we lost our beloved Mabel. Mabel was from my very first litter and was my constant companion and my best friend. My heart aches.  I had already decided I was keeping Joon but once I lost Mabel, raising Joon became even more special. Joon is Mabel’s great granddaughter.

Joon is a Persian word for Life. In Farsi it is also used as an endearment. I named Joon after one of my oldest friends, Niloo. Niloo Joon.