Have I mentioned that I also have Paloma?

She will be 14 in July. She was born and raised here. She was always my first choice for bringing on vacation due to her love of the water and all things outdoorsy.  Oh, and also because she walks beautifully on leash.

Paloma is in good shape for her age. She is a bit stiff and chooses not to do stairs anymore. Her hearing is certainly diminished. In her younger days, when I called her she’d stop on a dime and run back to me. Now I call her-many times- and eventually she looks over at me. She’s in no hurry about anything.

I’ve fed her raw food for a long time now. I am now supplementing her diet with deer velvet and green lipped mussels. I’m not sure if I am seeing any difference. But in the mean time she has a sparkle in her eyes, and when I let her into the living room for a nap on the couch before breakfast, I almost hear her giggle.

I love that girl. She is all soul.