Summer at Berkshire Hills

This summer is a lively one here at Berkshire Hills!

The puppy playground is open and the older puppies are running and playing.  Edie’s ten wee ones have made their debut.

And Joon has grown into a beautiful adolescent!



Raising Joon


It’s been awhile since I’ve raised a puppy that I planned on keeping for myself. I’m as excited about my new puppy as my families are about theirs. Joon has more toys than she knows what to do with, a big mahogany leather collar that she’ll grow into one day, probably more photos of her on Facebook than I should post and I have big traveling plans for us.

Over Christmas we lost our beloved Mabel. Mabel was from my very first litter and was my constant companion and my best friend. My heart aches.  I had already decided I was keeping Joon but once I lost Mabel, raising Joon became even more special. Joon is Mabel’s great granddaughter.

Joon is a Persian word for Life. In Farsi it is also used as an endearment. I named Joon after one of my oldest friends, Niloo. Niloo Joon.


Keeping cool and healthy

Hot summer days!

We are heading into a hot week and it’s important to keep our beloved Doods cool!

At Berkshire Hills we feed our dogs a lot of vegetables and fruits year round, they even have a garden!

Veggies have major health benefits for not only us but our dogs. Dogs who eat kale have lower rates of cancer, but most veggies and fruits have benefits for your dog*!

(*There are a few foods that are very dangerous to your dog including onions, grapes 

and raisins!) 

According to Ayurvedic principals these foods help reduce the temperature within the body:

  • Cucumbers
  • Alfalfa
  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Spinach

When I am making our meal I’ll often toss my dogs the ends of the veggies. My dogs LOVE fruits and vegetables!  The other day they devoured a papaya, competed for the ends of a fennel bulb and chomped on watermelon.

Some people tell me that their dog doesn’t like veggies and fruits. For those dogs you could try making PUPSICLES! Freeze up yogurt and bananas or other fruits. Put pureed veggies in a beef broth and freeze. See what your dog likes.

When I feed my dogs fresh food (meat, organs, veggies, etc) which I do regularly I  puree the veggies and fruits or slightly cook them so my dogs can access the nutrients better. I  give veggies and fruits separate from their dry kibble because they digest at different rates. Dry kibble alone is too dry for dogs. Your dog will be healthier if their diet includes fresh foods.


Happy healthy pup!